A Serious Hobby


I’m rediscovering photography as a nice hobby to balance my professional typeface design practice. There, I work only with black and white shapes; in photography, there are as many colours as the eye can see, yet, they share similar principles: a minute attention to detail and a lot of technique into manipulating visual elements and our perception. I have been enjoying this very much.

I say ‘rediscovering’ it because it has always been with me, one way or another. My great grandfather was the first photographer of Campo Bom, in South Brazil, where I was born. My grandfather followed his steps. But it was on the university that it really made an impact on me, when I had the pleasure to learn the basics with film photography, from capture to processing in a darkroom.

I’m interested in photography with a fine-art twist – rather than documenting reality, I want to interpret it. Okay, every photograph will always be one’s interpretation of reality, but I aim to go further. To process an image to enhance its meaning, or to propose new meanings. To play with contrast, saturation, exposure, to freeze time or allow it to dance in an image.

This blog is dedicated to my passion for photography. You can check out my work and ideas, and you can also purchase prints with the security of PayPal. After all, photography can be an expensive hobby ; )



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